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Russia shelled Kyiv again, damaging Shevchenkivsky and Sviatoshyn districts

At least four people were injured.

Russia shelled Kyiv again. Buildings in Sviatoshyn and Shevchenkivskyi districts were damaged.

The Kyiv City State Administration reported that a shopping center, private sector buildings, and multi-story residential came under fire.

“Fires were extinguished, no victims were found. The premises of the shopping center and two private houses were damaged,” the Administration reported after the shelling of Sviatoshyn.

In the Shevchenkivsky district, fires were caused in several private houses and in a multi-story residential building. Four people were injured.


Mykola Povoroznyk

Friends! The night of March 23 in Kyiv was restless.

During the night, a shopping center and the private sector in the Sviatoshyn district came under fire. The fires were extinguished, no one was injured. The premises of the shopping center and two private houses were damaged.

In the morning, the Shevchenkivsky district came under fire. Rescuers and medics are working on the spot. Currently, there are fires in several private houses and multi-story buildings. Four people were injured. Information about the victims and the nature of the destruction is being clarified.

The enemy attacks Kyiv every day. Yesterday russians hit Obolon. Two buildings in the city were damaged, and a truck caught fire. Two people were injured, and one died. Another rocket launched from the Smerch system (“Tornado”) hit the Dnipro.

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