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Budanov: "Among others, Ukraine receives intelligence from Kremlin sources"

According to the head of Chief Directorate of Intelligence, intelligence information allowed to accurately destroy the ship in Berdyansk.

Budanov: "Among others, Ukraine receives intelligence from Kremlin sources"
Photo: Directorate of Intelligence

Ukraine receives intelligence through the agency, including sources in Kremlin. The head of Chief Directorate of Intelligence, Brigadier General Kirill Budanov, shared this during an interview with "Coffee or die." Interview excerpts can be found on the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine's Telegram channel.

According to Budanov, Ukrainians have managed to penetrate Russia's military, political and financial sectors' leadership and get the most use of obtained information.

The strike on a large Russian landing ship in the port of Berdyansk was a great example. Budanov claims that the rocket hit when a fuel truck and an ammunition truck approached the ship. Intelligence made it possible.

Ukraine has agents within Russian leadership, including in Putin's administration, and it is extremely effective. Intelligence was strengthened by Ukraine's growing cyber intelligence capabilities, which Budanov says provide a deep understanding of Russia's military plans.

"We've made significant progress in cyber intelligence," said the head of Ukraine's Chief Directorate of Intelligence.

He is convinced that Ukraine was able to "see very well the circulation of Russian money" and also has data on fuel sector and armaments innovations.

"Only two days after the invasion, Russia realized that things were not going as well as they'd hoped. Therefore, Russian leadership has built an action plan for the next 30 and 60 days (the so-called D 30 and D 60). We've passed the first period (D 30) and the Russians failed. We believe that D 60 will also fail because we understand what Russia is doing, ” he said.

Budanov believes that Russian activity is primitive. "Russia's military leadership sees its losses and sends new forces into battle. Commanders are throwing their men to death because there's not enough time to plan the operation, and we are destroying them.”

Budanov says Ukraine can stand in opposition to Russia for a long time.

“We're standing strong and we can stand for a long time. We're ready. We will liberate all temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. But we need help. We need serious air and missile defense systems, 155 mm and more artillery systems, and combat aircraft. ”

At the same time, Kyrylo Budanov paid special attention to Ukraine’s need for fifth-generation aircraft.

"We do not need obsolete fourth-generation aircraft. Our enemy has most of the fourth-generation combat aircraft. Using outdated aircraft, our pilots are destroying more modern enemy plains and are able to master fifth-generation ones. I have no doubts about Ukrainian pilots' skills, ”Budanov said.

Ukraine constantly emphasizes the need to obtain aircraft that will protect the sky to save the lives of Ukrainian civilians from Russian missiles and air bombs.

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