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Ukrainian troops recapture Irpin from Russians - mayor

It is not safe to return to the city, there is a possibility of military actions

Ukrainian troops recapture Irpin from Russians - mayor

Irpin Mayor Alexander Markushin announced via Telegram that the city is now liberated from russians. It is still too early to return to Irpin due to continued shelling and final “clean-up” following Russian troops retreat. 

"We are working on the “clean-up” of the city from russian troops", - he said.

Markushin also thanked Ukrainian forces for this achievement.

"It is still too early and very dangerous to return to Irpin. We are consolidating our positions and will continue to move forward to liberate Bucha, Gostomel and Vorzel. There is a high risk of new attacks on our city, we shall overcome”, - he said.

The russian military has been shelling Irpin near Kyiv since the first days of the war. On 27 February, Markushin said that Ukrainian troops had repulsed a first attack by russian on the city, but they started shelling from air. As of end of last week, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported they were controlling 80% of the city Irpen. On 26 March 26, the Mayor have reported heavy fighting around the city for several days.

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