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Fighters behind the war lines: Okhmadyt hospital continues to operate during wartime

Since the war began, the hospital has been treating numerous children and adults

 Fighters behind the war lines: Okhmadyt hospital continues to operate during wartime
Photo: Nadiya Shvadchak

The Ukrainian Witness project is capturing what’s happening on the ground at the largest children's hospital, Okhmatdyt, during the war. Video material was published on YouTube.

While a wide range of military operations are taking place in various “hot spots'” of Ukraine, doctors in Ukraine are working in the most appalling of circumstances and continue to protect life and health of Ukrainians round the clock.

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital continues to accept not only children but also adults. Now, instead of planned surgeries and treatment of children, doctors provide urgent medical care to wounded victims of russian shelling.

Since the war started, doctors have performed dozens of surgeries on children as well as their parents. The youngest patient they operated on was 1 month old and had already suffered from ruthless actions of russian troops. During the shelling by russian forces the mother covered her daughter with her own body. Fortunately, both mother and child survived. But today, doctors are dealing with many stories, many of them are undoubtedly stories of pain, loss and sacrifice.

"One day we got a report about three wounded children and were ready to admit all three at our hospital. While the doctors were waiting at the hospital, we received the first call: one child died. Sometime later, another call: the second child died. And then the third call - an ambulance doctor called from a town near Kyiv and said that they could not leave as it was dangerous. And at that moment we lost connection. We still don't know what happened to the third child”, said a hospital employee.

Since the beginning of a full-scale war russia launched in Ukraine, 136 children were killed, 199 children were wounded. 

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Ukrainian Witness was initiated by Vitaliy Deynega, a public activist and founder of the International Charitable Fund Come Back Alive

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