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Azov regiment chief denies Mariupol defenders' command evacuated

The enemy cannot capture the city, so they invent "victories".

The Azov Regiment commander, Major Denys Prokopenko, denied information about his evacuation from Mariupol, where the Azovs are defending the city from Russian invaders.

"Yesterday, there was information about the evacuation of the Azov Regiment command. The commander enters the battlefield first and leaves last. Abandoning their subordinates on the battlefield is typical for Russian commanders who do not consider their subordinates to be people," he said in a video message.

He noted that the enemy was furious at the impossibility of capturing Mariupol, so they attributed the imaginary victories to himself.

"The regiment's command and all available personnel are doing everything possible and impossible for Mariupol to remain Ukrainian. Glory to Ukraine!" Prokopenko summed up.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that he had offered defenders of Mariupol to leave the city, but they refused. The Russians do not allow delivering humanitarian aid to Mariupol, constantly shelling the city.

Prokopenko recently said that both civilians and the military in Mariupol are in tough circumstances. Sometimes they faint from hunger and drink water from radiators.

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