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Rozetka fires most of the 8,000 employees - Mass Media

The company's turnover for the month fell from UAH 4 billion to 23 million.

Rozetka fires most of the 8,000 employees - Mass Media

The owner of Rozetka, Vladyslav Chechotkin sent a letter to employees informing them of the decision to fire most of the 8,000 personnel. The publication writes about it.

Such a decision Chechotkin explained by the fact that the company had a record drop in turnover - from UAH 4 billion to UAH 23 million in three weeks; the company lost 25 stores that were destroyed or plundered, and warehouses near Kyiv are blocked. In addition, people stopped buying goods, instead making their return.

"All this data flow was processed by the small knot of employees from a total 8000 personnel. And delivery was impossible due to the shelling of Ukrainian cities," - said the head of Rozetka in a letter to employees.

He added that a large, efficient, growing company has turned into an airplane in a pike and everything that has been built for 18 years has been destroyed - now the company cannot provide work for most employees.

"We had to make such difficult decisions that I still don't know how we could survive them. We can't provide work for much of the team that we pieced together and that we cherished very much. We will have to say goodbye to many of our employees. This is a huge blow, and I apologize to each of you. You are great specialists! And now we're talking to a number of international companies that might make you job offers. You deserve the best!" - said Vladyslav Chechotkin.

He also reported that in the early days of the war, the company tried to take employees out of hotspots and help them and their families who were in mortal danger. It provided thousands of necessities as humanitarian aid.

The owner of Rozetka also noted that the company will try to restart the business.

"In the last 5 days, we have seen positive dynamics. We built a bomb shelter in warehouses near Kyiv, and people were able to work, feeling secure. We were able to establish the logistics of goods that Ukrainians need firstly: food, flashlights, power banks. Daily attendance of the website grew to one million people. Yes, these are crumbs compared to January 2022, but still, this is hope for the best," - said Chechotkin. writes that firstly Rozetka began to fire its IT department due to the inability to pay employees' salaries.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economy noted that due to the war in Ukraine, 50% of business does not work. Losses from the war, according to the latest data, take into account future losses exceeding 1 trillion dollars.

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