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Zelenskyy urges South Korea to provide weapons to Ukraine: "We need more to survive in this war"

During his address, the President showed a video from Mariupol that has been destroyed by russians for over a month. 

Zelenskyy urges South Korea to provide weapons to Ukraine: "We need more to survive in this war"
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Photo: Photo: screenshot video

To stand in the war with Russia, Ukraine needs air defense systems, jets, tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as artillery systems and ammunition. 

This was emphasized by Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his online address to the politicians of South Korea. He noted that South Korea has some of the weapons required by Ukraine. 

“Armored vehicles, air defense, anti-tank and anti-ship weapons. When survival in the war aiming to fully conquer the nation is at stake, we need fundamental responses. Usual rules for supply of weapons have to be reviewed and action has to be swift. Support is required,” the President said.

Zelenskyy thanked for the assistance already provided by South Korea, but explained that Ukraine needs more. 

“To survive in this war against a well-prepared enemy, such as the russian federation. Against the state that doesn’t count its dead and has endless stock of military equipment from the Soviet times,” the President noted. 

The President showed to Korean politicians a video from Mariupol, a city that has been under siege by russian forces from the beginning of the war and has been continuously hit by russians using all types of weapons. A city where deceased civil residents are being burnt and those alive have no safe evacuation options. 

“I call on you to see with your own eyes what Ukrainians have been witnessing for 47 days. We ask for your help to stop this. To make sure that cities in Ukraine and in other countries will never again face such an evil. To make sure that russia can never come to these cities,” the President said.

As noted by Wall Street Journal with reference to the data of the Korean ministry of defense, Seul has previously provided some humanitarian aid and non-lethal military equipment to Ukraine, including helmets, blankets and medicines. However, it rejected the request for provision of lethal weapons. 

In March, South Korea joined some of the sanctions imposed on russia by Western governments. In particular, it introduced restrictions targeting russian financial sector, including its central bank. 

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