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Bucha city council says current murder toll reaches 419

A total of 458 bodies have been found.

Bucha city council says current murder toll reaches 419
Bucha victims, 3 April 2022
Photo: Mykhaylo Palinchak

As of 8 August, a total of 458 bodies have been found in the Bucha community since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, the city council has said on Telegram.

"The official statistics as of 8 August for the Bucha community is as follows: 458 bodies found (366 men, 86 women, 5 unidentified, 1 bag with body parts that cannot be identified as a body). Of these, 419 people were killed," the report says.

The causes of death of the other people are being established.

It is also reported that there are 12 children (under 21 by European standards) among those killed. The gender of five bodies cannot be identified. This is mainly due to the fact that they were burned. More than 50 bodies have not yet been collected from morgues.

Bucha mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk called on the head of Amnesty International to resign over the scandalous report on the Ukraine war.

"The city of Bucha and our entire society expects that one of the world's most influential human rights organizations will return to the side of the good by immediately changing its leadership and cleansing itself of Kremlin agents," Fedoruk said.

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