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Explosions heard at Belarusian military airfield used by Russians

The official version is a fire in the engine of "one of the vehicles". It is not specified which one.

Explosions heard at Belarusian military airfield used by Russians
Photo: General Staff

At night, explosions were heard and flashes of fire were seen near the Zyabrawka airfield located near the Belarusian city of Homel, the Belaruski Hajun Telegram channel has reported, quoting several sources.

According to preliminary information, at least four flashes were seen in 10 minutes. According to various sources, there were at least eight flashes from 00:30 onwards.

This morning the press service of the Belarusian Defence Ministry commented on the explosions: "In connection with the inquiries to the Defence Ministry about the flashes, which occurred in the area Zyabrawka, Homel Region, we inform you that on 10 August at about 11 p.m. during the test run one of the vehicles, which had its engine replaced, caught fire. No injuries were reported."

It was not specified which equipment was involved.

Pro-government Telegram channels also said that everything is fine at the airfield, and "nothing extraordinary is happening" there.

The Zyabrawka airfield in Belarus is fully controlled by the Russians who have a military base there. A missile division of the Iskander-M missile system and the S-400 division are located on the territory of the airfield.


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