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Russians beef up defence of Kherson – regional council

They are installing additional fortifications near Kalanchak.

Russians beef up defence of Kherson – regional council

Russian troops are reinforcing the defence of occupied Kherson, the first deputy head of the Kherson regional council, Yuriy Sobolevskyy, has said on the telethon, as quoted by UNIAN.

"Yes, we can see that they are trying to do this. There is Kyselivka before Chornobayivka, that still needs to be taken care of because it is in the grey zone as of today. Besides, they are trying to install additional fortifications near Kalanchak. iI other communities they are collecting concrete slabs, putting fortifications and pulling up vehicles," he said.

Russian military units currently staying in occupied Kherson Region are cut off from food and drinking water supply amid the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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