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Russians stage armed provocation in Kherson

There is a warning that the occupiers plan a series of acts of sabotage in Kherson Region on 17-20 September.

Russians stage armed provocation in Kherson
Photo: Telegram/Tipichnyy Kherson

The Russians in the occupied territories are trying to organize various provocations to discredit the Ukrainian armed forces. This is what happened in Kherson where there was shooting last night, the head of the United Coordinating Press Centre of the Defence Forces in southern Ukraine, Natalya Humenyuk, has said on the national telethon, as quoted by RBC-Ukraine.

She pointed out that earlier there had been a warning that the occupiers were planning acts of sabotage in Kherson Region on 17-20 September to blame them on the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Provocations with shooting in the middle of Kherson, provocations with explosions and other things that they cover first of all on their propaganda channels - we should pay attention to that," Humenyuk noted.

According to her, if any extraordinary events are taking place in the occupied territories, for example, explosions or shooting, and they are not over yet, and a correspondent of the occupying TV is already "in the whirlpool of events", it is most likely a provocation.

There were reports about explosions and shooting in Kherson on the evening of 17 September. The Russians claimed it was a "counter-terrorist" operation.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces suggested that the occupiers were filming "yet another media story". Meanwhile, the speaker of the Odessa regional military administration, Serhiy Bratchuk, said that it was Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's people who might have been fighting with members of the Wagner PMC who had recently been sent to "reinforce" Kherson.

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