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Russians ban men under 35 from leaving Kherson Region - councillor

There is no mobilisation in the region yet, as far as he is aware.

Russians ban men under 35 from leaving Kherson Region - councillor
Serhiy Khlan
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The occupiers have banned men aged 18 to 35 from leaving Kherson Region, a member of

of the Kherson regional council, Serhiy Khlan, was quoted as saying Channel 24.

Khlan noted that earlier it was possible to leave through Crimea, as well as through Vasylivka in Zaporizhzhya Region.

"There is no mobilisation yet. I understand that they are waiting for the pseudo-referendum. A small number of people have received Russian passports. They cannot mobilise them either, because they are mostly collaborators. It would be interesting if they sent Saldo, Stremousov and other collaborators to the front. It would be easier to destroy them," he said.

He continued that even if the mobilisation is announced in Kherson Region, it will be interesting to see how the Russians will issue weapons to people with a pro-Ukrainian position. They will immediately use the weapons against the occupiers.

"This will be a unit mobilised by the Russians, which will oppose them," he chuckled.

Over a few days, Crimean Tatars on the occupied peninsula have received more than 1,500 summonses to join the Russian army as part of the mobilisation campaign.

An adviser to the head of the presidential office, Mykhaylo Podolyak, said that the mobilisation of Crimean Tatars by the occupying authorities is genocide on ethnic grounds.

Conscription of residents of the occupied territories to the occupying army is prohibited by Article 51 of the Geneva Convention and is a war crime. A separate war crime is the coercion of Ukrainian citizens to participate in hostilities against their own state.

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