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Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyy appears on Time cover

The authors express their admiration for the general.

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyy appears on Time cover
Photo: Time

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhnyy has appeared on the cover of the US magazine Time.

"TIME's new cover: Inside the Ukrainian counterstrike that turned the tide of the war," Time said on Twitter, posting the cover.

In the article, the authors express their admiration for Zaluzhnyy.

"Yet when the history of the war in Ukraine is written, Zaluzhnyy is likely to occupy a prominent role. He was part of the Ukrainian brass who spent years transforming the country's military from a clunky Soviet model into a modern fighting force. Hardened by years of battling Russia on the eastern front, he was among a new generation of Ukrainian leaders who learned to be flexible and delegate decisions to commanders on the ground. His dogged preparation in the run-up to the invasion and savvy battlefield tactics in the early phases of the war helped the nation fend off the Russian onslaught," Time said.

"Zaluzhnyy has emerged as the military mind his country needed," US General Mark Milley wrote for TIME of his counterpart last May. "His leadership enabled the Ukrainian armed forces to adapt quickly with battlefield initiative against the Russians."

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