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Russia launches new attack on Zaporizhzhya

The data is being clarified.

On the morning of 6 October, russia launched a new attack on Zaporizhzhya.

Details are being clarified. The head of the Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh reported on Telegram about a shelling at 10:39.

"Another missile attack of the enemy. Stay in shelters!" - he wrote.

The SES added that there is a constant shelling threat in the city.

"There is still a threat of repeated shelling in the city and the region! Do not ignore the air raid alarms and stay in shelters!" - the rescuers called.

There are dead and injured as a result of night shelling of Zaporizhzhya with missiles. Rescuers are getting people out from under the rubble of residential high-rise buildings that were hit by enemy troops.

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