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Parliament to pass budget bill by 10 November – MP Pidlasa

The deficit of $38bn is very high.

Parliament to pass budget bill by 10 November – MP Pidlasa

Parliament should adopt the draft budget for 2023 by 10 November, the deputy head of the parliament committee on economic development, MP Roksolana Pidlasa, has said, according to the parliament's website.

The MP stressed that the budget deficit of $38 billion for 2023 is very high.

"This means that we as a state will need to receive $3-3.5 billion from external sources every month. We expect them from our partners - the United States, the EU, as well as international credit financial institutions - the IMF, the World Bank," Pidlasa said.

She added that the adoption of the budget was delayed until early November precisely because negotiations with the International Monetary Fund were still ongoing.

"To plan the budget, we need to understand whether there will be a new programme with the IMF, how much money the Fund will provide in 2023, so that we can include it in the draft state budget. We already have information that the European Union is working to allocate us EUR1.5 billion every month, and the USA has also said that it will cover half of Ukraine's financial needs," the MP explained.

According to the Finance Ministry, in 2023 the monthly budget deficit will amount to $3-4bn.

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