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Kyiv hopes to cover electricity shortage in two-three weeks – mayor

The capital's energy system is working in an emergency mode, lacking 20-50%.

Kyiv hopes to cover electricity shortage in two-three weeks – mayor
Photo: Facebook/Vitaliy Klitschko

The Kyiv authorities are hoping to cover electricity shortage in two to three weeks, mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has said.

According to him, the shortage currently ranges within 20-50%, so the city's power supply system is operating in an emergency mode.

"Therefore, power supply gets temporarily turned off in all districts of the capital. If there are no emergencies, Ukrenergo specialists hope to eliminate the deficit caused by the attacks of Russian barbarians on critical infrastructure facilities within 2-3 weeks. The city is doing everything possible to save electricity," said Klitschko.

He added that in order to save electricity, trolleybuses on many public transport routes were replaced by buses. The subway will continue operation.

Klitschko also urged residents and businesses to reduce electricity consumption.

"There is a risk of a big blackout, when the lack of electricity can lead to even greater consequences and even larger blackouts. Therefore, it is extremely important to save [energy] to prevent this from happening," the mayor said.

On 27 October, Russia shelled one of the communities in Kyiv Region. An energy infrastructure facility was hit. As a result, the stabilization mode of power outages in the region was replaced by an emergency one for an indefinite period of time.

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