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OC South says Russians imitating retreat in Kherson Region

The occupiers are trying to hold on to the positions they have.

OC South says Russians imitating retreat in Kherson Region
Photo: National Police in Kherson Region

Russians continue to imitate retreat from some occupied territories in the south, the spokesman for the Operational Command South, Vladyslav Nazarov, has said.

"The enemy continues the tactics of diverse maneuvers in the occupied territories, trying to create the impression of retreat from some territories," he said.

According to Nazarov, the situation in the South Buh operational area and the area of responsibility of the OC South remains difficult and tense. The enemy continues to terrorize the population in the rear and recently liberated regions with shelling, rocket attacks and kamikaze drones. Also, Russians are actively defending and trying to hold the occupied positions.

"On the right bank the enemy is maneuvering forces and means, arranging defence lines, on the left bank it mines the coast, moves the population beyond the 15-kmr zone, digs equipment in, arranges firing positions," said Nazarov.

According to the media, the occupiers left the building of the Kherson regional state administration.

Russians in Kherson Region blow up boats and ships near the piers and berths of the Dnipro and its tributaries. This provokes an environmental disaster in the region.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that, potentially, Russians are ready for another "act of goodwill" in Kherson Region.

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