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Ukraine starts building new An-225 Mriya

It is 30% ready.

Ukraine starts building new An-225 Mriya
Photo: EPA/UPG

The state-owned aviation company Antonov is designing a new An-225 Mriya, the German newspaper Bild has said.

According to the company's director-general, Yevhen Havrylov, the works are being carried out in a secret location. Both new parts and spares from the plane destroyed by Russians are being used for Mriya-2.

He noted that Mriya-2 is 30% ready at the moment.

The cost of the project is 500m euros.

Leipzig international airport, where Antonov is temporarily based, will join the fundraising campaign.

Havrylov said that Mriya models would be sent in Leipzig among other places to raise money for the construction of Mriya-2.

On 27 February, the Ukrainian defence concern Ukrboronprom confirmed that Russia had destroyed the world's biggest and strongest plane, Ukraine's An-225 Mriya. According to the concern, its reconstruction would cost over 3bn dollars and would take a while.

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