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Most households in Kyiv now have heating

Around a quarter of households still has no power supply.

Most households in Kyiv now have heating
Photo: Kharkiv city council

Heating has been restored in 90% of residential buildings in Kyiv. However, a quarter of consumers remain without electricity, mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has said.

He said that today he visited one of the largest boiler houses in the capital and talked to engineers.

"Today, heating has been restored to more than 90% of residential buildings in the capital. More than 3,000 specialists of Kyivteploenergo have worked for several days to do this. And they continue to work around the clock to ensure that all Kyiv residents have heating," Klitschko said.

As for energy supply, the mayor said that currently 25% of consumers in Kyiv are without electricity.

"Power engineers are making every effort to restore power supply to the homes of the capital's residents," the mayor said.

Water supply has already been restored for all households.

Klitschko also does not rule out that on Sunday, 27 November, the capital will return to the planned schedule of power outages.

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