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Russian medics said fleeing from occupied Melitopol

The reasons include a huge number of wounded soldiers, fear of the Ukrainian army and behaviour of Russian troops.

Russian medics said fleeing from occupied Melitopol
Photo: EPA/UPG

In addition to some collaborators, Russian doctors are also fleeing from occupied Melitopol, mayor Ivan Fedorov has told the telethon.

He named several reasons that force medical personnel from Russia to leave the Ukrainian city.

There is a huge number of wounded Russian soldiers, for whom, according to Fedorov, there are not enough medical personnel and beds. Also, the medics are not happy about Russian troops' behaviour who, in addition to alcohol, are brought to hospitals in a state of drug intoxication.

Fedorov also mentioned "a gesture of goodwill because of the fear of the Armed Forces and resistance forces that will not leave any enemy alone".

"In panic from the total lack of medical personnel, the occupiers are trying to persuade our medical workers to 'serve' the Russian army by threats and bribery," Fedorov noted.

However, Ukrainian medical staff refuses to cooperate with the Russians, he said.

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