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General Staff: Russia launches five missile strikes on Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhzhya

The occupiers also made 52 attacks from MLRS and 18 air strikes.

General Staff: Russia launches five missile strikes on Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhzhya
Photo: Facebook/General Staff of the UAF

The 324th day of the Russian large-scale invasion has begun. Over the past day, the units of the Defence Forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers near the settlements of Stelmakhivka, Makiyivka and Bilohorivka in Luhansk Region and Spirne, Rozdolivka, Sil, Krasna Hora, Pidhorodne, Bakhmut, Klishchiyivka, Predtechyne, Kurdyumivka, Vodyane, Nevelske, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka and Velyka Novosilka in Donetsk Region, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

Russian occupiers launched 5 rocket attacks on the peaceful cities of Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk and Zaporizhzhya. In addition, the occupiers carried out 52 MLRS attacks and 18 air strikes.

Volyn, Polissya, Siversk and Slobozhansk areas: no signs of the formation of an offensive grouping reported. Certain units of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia continue to perform tasks in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Siversk and Slobozhansk areas: the vicinities of Senkivka and Karpovichi settlements (Chernihiv Region); Porokhon and Bachivsk (Sumy Region); as well as Strilecha, Zelene, Ternove, Starytsya, Ohirtseve, Hatyshche, Vovchansk, Chugunivka, and Ridkodub (Kharkiv Region) came under fire.

Kupyansk area: the vicinities of Dvorichna, Zapadne, Synkivka, Orlyanka, Kislivka, Kotlyarivka, Kolisnyivka, Berestov, Bohuslavka, Ivanivka (Kharkiv Region); and Stelmakhivka in Luhansk Region suffered enemy attacks.

Lyman area: the enemy shelled Hrekivka, Makiyivka, Nevske, Chervonopivka, and Dibrova (Luhansk Region).

Bakhmut area: Spirne, Bilohorivka, Rozdolivka, Soledar, Krasna Hora, Paraskoviyivka, Pidhorodne, Bakhmut, Klishchiyivka, Kurdyumivka, Ozaryanivka, Druzhba, and Pivnichne (Donetsk Region) were subject to enemy attacks.

Avdiyivka area: the enemy shelled Krasnohorivka, Avdiyivka, Maryinka, and Novomykhaylivka.

Novopavlivka area: Vuhledar, Prechistivka and Zolota Nyva (Donetsk Region) came under enemy fire.

Zaporizhzhya area: Russian tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery attacked the vicinities of Vremivka and Vilne Pole settlements (Donetsk Region); Hulyaypole, Zaliznychne, Hulyaypilske, Chervone, Charivne, Bilohirya, Mala Tokmachka, Orihiv, and Kamyanske (Zaporizhzhya Region).

Kherson area: Antonivka and the city of Kherson were subject to enemy mortar and artillery fire. 

The Russian occupiers continue to put pressure on the local population of the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson Region, who refuse to cooperate with the occupation authorities. In addition, the invaders are concerned about the pro-Ukrainian attitude of the citizens of the region, which poses a threat to them. 

In some settlements of the Melitopol District of the Zaporizhzhya Region, the enemy is carrying out filtering actions. During the inspection, the occupiers pay special attention to phones, looking for confirmation of cooperation with the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

Following the available information, one of the Russian units, that operate in the vicinities of Novopavlivka and Volnovakha (Donetsk Region), ordered civilian uniforms with "Rosneft" and "Elektrostal" logos for its personnel. Apparently, the enemy is trying to hide the affiliation of its personnel with the Russian occupational forces for a certain purpose.

During the past day, Ukrainian Air Force conducted 16 airstrikes on the areas of enemy troops' concentration and 5 air strikes on Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

At the same time, our defenders shot down 1 enemy Su-25 attack jet and 1 Orlan-10 UAV.

Ukrainian missile and artillery troops attacked 3 command posts, 12 areas of Russian troops and military equipment concentration, 1 enemy S-300 anti-aircraft missile complex, 3 ammunition depots, and 3 other critical military targets.

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