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Six killed by flooding in occupied Hola Prystan community

The community needs humanitarian assistance in the form of drinking water, food, dry clothes, medicines and hygiene products.

Six killed by flooding in occupied Hola Prystan community
Photo: AFU

Six individuals have lost their lives due to flooding in the occupied Hola Prystan community caused by the detonation of the Kakhovka dam by Russians. The community is urgently in need of humanitarian assistance, including drinking water, food, dry clothes, medicines, and hygiene products.

The Hola Prystan city military administration reported six fatalities caused by the flooding. As of the morning of 14 June, the situation in the community is as follows:

- The eastern part of Hola Prystan is heavily flooded, hindering access to households. Some areas are experiencing water levels of up to 1 meter.

- The central part of the city, including Chornomorska, Gastello, Ozerna, Ushakov, Radisna, and Oleshkivska streets, remains inundated, with water levels reaching up to 1 metre in certain areas.

- Similar flooding is observed in low-lying areas where certain households are located, such as Honcharov, Vysovin, Komarov streets, and Torgovyy lane.

- Most parts of the city have functioning connections and access to other areas.

- The electricity supply has been restored in the non-flooded regions of the city.

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