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No Russian advances recorded over past nine days - Malyar

Ukrainian troops are on the offensive and defensive in different directions.

No Russian advances recorded over past nine days - Malyar
Photo: Ukrainian presidential office

Russian forces have heavily mined the territory and intensified their attacks on the frontline in an attempt to halt the Ukrainian offensive. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are steadily making progress, as stated by Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar during a telethon.

"For instance, in the southern region, our troops are currently encountering extensive minefields, making it extremely challenging to advance. Although the progress may seem slow in terms of numbers, it is consistent. Additionally, we are seeing the enemy's active use of anti-tank guided missiles and kamikaze drones, as they strive to impede our advancement and inflict various damages," she explained.

Ukrainian troops are presently engaged in both offensive and defensive operations along the frontline in different areas.

"In essence, we are engaged in a fierce battle where we employ our utmost efforts, while the enemy concentrates its maximum capabilities to halt our offensive. It is a highly intense confrontation. The enemy is escalating the frequency of attacks, employing more artillery, mortar fire, and airstrikes," the deputy minister added.

She further said that no Russian advancements had been recorded over the past week and the first two days of the current week.

"In areas where the enemy attempts to advance, such as the Bakhmut direction, we are striving to advance ourselves. We are progressing while they are not, because our troops deny them such an opportunity," Malyar said.

Earlier, Malyar stated that Ukrainian forces have experienced significantly fewer losses during the counteroffensive compared to the occupiers.

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