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Russia has almost nine times more casualties in Khortytsya sector than Ukraine - Malyar

She warned that it is beneficial for the Russians to hype up the topic of losses in order to demoralise Ukrainians.

Russia has almost nine times more casualties in Khortytsya sector than Ukraine - Malyar
Hanna Malyar
Photo: Vladyslav Kuznichenko

Ukrainian forces have suffered significantly fewer casualties during the counter-offensive compared to the occupiers, Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar has told the telethon.

Malyar emphasized that both sides refrain from disclosing specific casualty figures during the war, as such information can be exploited by the enemy to anticipate future battlefield strategies.

"Overall, throughout the war, our losses have been many times lower. If we consider the current figures, for example, over the past week, we have conducted offensives in two operational and strategic groupings of troops: Khortytsya and Tavriya. In Khortytsya, the enemy's casualties were 8.73 times higher, nearly nine times more. Regarding Tavriya, the enemy's death toll is 5.3 times higher than ours," Malyar explained.

Malyar cautioned that the Russians have an interest in hyping up the topic of losses to demoralise Ukrainian society, hinder the mobilisation process, and bolster the morale of the Russian invaders.

Previously, the Defence Forces asked Ukrainians to understand the temporary delay in receiving certain frontline information, as it allows the Ukrainian military to analyse and factor in the enemy's response.

Malyar also stated that Russia spreads false information regarding casualties among Ukrainian troops or the destruction of equipment to prompt Ukraine to refute such claims by providing accurate data.

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