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No cases of cholera detected in Ukraine – chief sanitary doctor

This week, viruses in seawater have been recorded.

No cases of cholera detected in Ukraine – chief sanitary doctor
Ihor Kuzin
Photo: RBC Ukraine

As of 13 June, no cholera vibrio pathogenic to humans has been detected in the areas flooded by the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station explosion, the chief state sanitary doctor of Ukraine, Ihor Kuzin, has said, according to Espreso.

"As for cholera, we are monitoring it on a daily basis. To date, no cholera vibrio pathogenic to humans has been detected. We are talking about the entire territory, from Zaporizhzhya to Dnipro and Odesa. Moreover, we check all cases of acute intestinal infections. That is, if a person gets sick and is admitted to an infectious disease hospital, from 1 June until the end of September, we additionally test each such case for cholera in all regions. Accordingly, such cases have been thoroughly tested since 1 June. As of now, we have no confirmed cases," he stressed.

Kuzin said that studies of surface water, centralised supply, etc. are being carried out along the entire coast in Odesa, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Dnipro regions. Since 6 June, when Russians blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, more than a thousand such studies have been carried out.

"We are already starting to get results. What we see is the pollution of surface water bodies, including the Black Sea, the river and the Dnipro riverbed. Swimming is prohibited in Mykolayiv, Kherson and Odesa regions. This week, we also began to record the appearance of viruses in sea water. Therefore, a person who potentially violates the established prohibitions and swims in such bodies of water can, of course, get an acute intestinal infection. This is not a fatal disease, it often disappears in 3-5 days," he added.

The Kakhovka HPP explosion response headquarters did not detect an outbreak of infectious diseases in Kherson and the region.

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