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Russia prepares new round of mobilisation – Ukrainian intel

The Russian command seems intent on creating new military formations.

Russia prepares new round of mobilisation – Ukrainian intel
Photo: EPA/UPG

Russia intends to restore the combat capability and offensive potential of its army, Vadym Skibitskyy, a representative of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate, has said, Obozrevatel reports.

There is evidence of Russia's intention to carry out a new wave of mobilisation. The Russian command declares its intention to create a number of new military formations: airborne regiments, divisions, and mechanised brigades.

"According to our estimates, the Kremlin plans to mobilise several hundred thousand people for the war in Ukraine. In order to implement this plan in order to hold on to what Russia has occupied and to continue military pressure on our country, the enemy needs not only mobilisation, but also time to train and equip soldiers," Skibitskyy said.

He noted that mass mobilisation is an unpopular decision for the Putin regime, but there is no other solution. The Kremlin has been "preparing for this for a long time".

"The aggressor state has already adopted a number of laws and regulations that toughen penalties for failure to appear at a military registration and enlistment office and for evading mobilisation. Also, the conscription age has been increased in Russia, and the summons is now sent in electronic format," noted Skibitskyy.

According to British intelligence, over the past two months, Russia has begun to create new large formations to strengthen its ground forces. These include the 25th Combined Arms Army.

Since 2022, the Russians have forcibly mobilised up to 60,000 Ukrainians in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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