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Ukraine's ambassador says France considered as venue for global peace summit

The French president also fully supports the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

Ukraine's ambassador says France considered as venue for global peace summit
Emmanuel Macron
Photo: EPA/UPG

France is being considered as a venue for a global peace summit, Ukraine's Ambassador to France, Vadym Omelchenko, has said in an interview with

At Ukraine's recent talks in Jeddah on President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Peace Formula, each country came up with a certain initiative to become a co-leader in the implementation of a particular point of this plan.

According to Omelchenko, France is ready to focus on the implementation of the first point of the formula, that is restoration and observance of radiation and nuclear safety.

"The French leadership informed the Ukrainian authorities about this as soon as President Zelenskyy presented the formula. For France, nuclear energy is a strategic industry. Paris believes that the precedents in Ukraine (Russia's seizure of nuclear power plants and the Kremlin's nuclear blackmail) pose a danger to the whole world, as they can have unpredictable consequences. And now France is our most important partner in communicating with the IAEA administration," Omelchenko said.

According to him, President Macron fully supports the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

"That is why the French have slightly transformed their position and say they would like to help us with the implementation of all its points. By the way, high-level French representatives took an active part in the Jeddah forum and held talks with the Ukrainian delegation headed by [presidential] chief of staff Andriy Yermak," he noted.

According to Omelchenko, French diplomats and senior officials are also actively involved in the new format: discussions with the head of the president's office and his team on specific points of the Peace Formula, and work is underway to develop implementation mechanisms. Since last week, Ukrainian ambassadors have been involved in this process, and they are to start similar discussions in their host countries.

Omelchenko also noted that France is now being considered among a small number of countries where a global peace summit could be held. Emmanuel Macron also said that he was ready to work on involving the leaders of China, India and Brazil in the forum.

Dmytro Kuleba recently said that after the Jeddah summit, the Ukrainian Peace Formula is the only way to resolve the war. Ukraine expects that at the next global peace summit this autumn, world leaders will endorse President Zelenskyy's Peace Formula.

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