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Ambassador says French have no fatigue from helping Ukraine in war

The ambassador does not expect France to be among those who may start calling on Ukraine to sit down for immediate talks with Russia in the autumn.

Ambassador says French have no fatigue from helping Ukraine in war
Vadym Omelchenko
Photo: Ukraine's embassy in France

The French are not tired of helping Ukraine in the war, Ukraine's Ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko has said in an interview with

The ambassador commented on Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba's statement about a "difficult autumn" and the fact that during this period there will be many calls from different countries to sit down for talks with Russia.

"In my opinion, France cannot be a voice advocating immediate negotiations with Russia. You said that voices will be heard, and they are already being heard. Mostly these are the voices of lobbyists, i.e. mercenaries and canned goods [sleeping agents]. By the way, we explained to French journalists what this term means, and now they often use it during TV broadcasts when such canned voices are heard," Omelchenko said.

He also commented on the statements by some British and Polish officials that Ukraine should be more grateful for their support and that they are tired of the war.

"The French, on the contrary, applauded President Zelenskyy's statements in Vilnius. During the meeting with both top-level politicians and journalists, they supported such a decisive and persistent position of the president to protect Ukraine's national interests. The French remember how during the German attack in 1940, General de Gaulle used the same tone as the president of Ukraine today to demand help from his partners. Unfortunately, the Allies' delay cost the French people thousands of lives and led to the loss of territory. The French have no fatigue," Omelchenko added.

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