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Ukraine says extension of trade restrictions on produce imports unacceptable

The import restrictions agreed upon in the EU expire on 15 September.

Ukraine says extension of trade restrictions on produce imports unacceptable
Photo: Infrastructure Ministry

The Foreign Ministry has commented on the intention of Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Hungary to extend the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain.

"We have noted the statement by the Polish minister of agriculture that his country, as well as Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, support the extension of the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain until the end of 2023," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry considers "categorically unacceptable the extension of trade restrictions on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products after the European Commission's ban expires on 15 September".

The intention to add other categories of Ukrainian products to the list of goods banned from importation also causes complete misunderstanding, it noted.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that "such unilateral restrictions do not comply with the spirit and letter of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the principles and norms of the EU Single Market".

"We call on the leadership of the European Union and the countries involved, some of which have received enhanced funding for their respective sectors from the European budget, to find a balanced solution based on EU law and the Association Agreement. Only in the spirit of solidarity can we counter the challenges posed by Russia's aggression against Ukraine and strengthen the EU Single Market," the ministry said.

Five EU countries – Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia – want the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain extended by the end of the year.

In May, the European Union allowed Ukraine's five neighbours to ban domestic sales of Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds, while allowing the transit of such goods for export to other countries. The ban is due to expire on 15 September.

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