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Russia launches more than 2,000 "Shaheds" on Ukraine over year

A year ago, the Armed Forces shot down the first Iranian drone. 

Russia launches more than 2,000 "Shaheds" on Ukraine over year
Photo: Telegram/Tsapliyenko

The Russian army has already fired more than 2,000 Shaheds into Ukraine, state the Land Forces via Telegram

It is noted that the first Iranian drone was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine exactly one year ago - on 13 September, 2022.

"This means that on average this year, the occupiers launched 5.5 Shaheds per day into Ukraine," the post says.

According to various estimates, the total cost of the drones produced ranged from $40mn to $100mn. This money could be used to pay pensions for 200,000-500,000 Russians.


Last night, the Russian occupiers attacked Odesa and Sumy regions with several groups of Shahed-136/131 attack drones from three directions - Prymorsko-Akhtarsk, Cape Chauda, and Kursk. Air defence forces destroyed 32 Shaheds. In total, the Russians launched 44 drones. 

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