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Russians shell Kherson Region overnight, kill, wound civilians

Two people were also killed and four wounded in the previous day's attacks. 

Over the past day, Russians fired 92 times at Kherson Region, launching 502 shells from mortars, artillery, Hrad, UAVs and aircraft. According to updated reports, three civilians were killed and five others were wounded.

The enemy fired 13 shells at Kherson. The head of RMA Oleksandr Prokudin reported this on Telegram.

"The Russian military hit residential areas of the Region's settlements; a paramedic station in Kherson district; the territory and building of an enterprise Kherson," he wrote.

Later, Prokudin provided updated information. He wrote that the Russians had been shelling the region all night, including Kherson.

"A 72-year-old man was killed as a result of a 'hit' in Kherson. Another man was injured, he was treated on the spot. A private house was hit in Kizomys. An elderly woman died on the spot from her injuries. A 60-year-old man in moderate condition was taken to the hospital. Olhivka was also under fire. A 63-year-old woman was injured. She was hospitalised," he said.

Later, he provided updated data on the victims of the strikes on Sunday: there was information about the death of a man and the injury of another in Mykolayivka.

One person was killed yesterday as a result of Russian strike on the Bilozerska community. In another community, a tractor driver was injured when he hit a mine. 

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