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"Thank everyone who protects our lives": video of Air Assault Troops work to Day of Defenders

Soldiers deserve our support as they tirelessly fight for freedom, love and life. 

This year, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Defenders of Ukraine on 1 October for the first time. For Day of the Defender, director Lyubomyr Levytskyy, with the support of businessman Ihor Liski, investment company EFI Group and partners, made a video to show the daily exploits of the airborne assault troops.

"Thousands of families are waiting for their fathers, sons, brothers and husbands to come home. But they are always there even when they are far away! And this two-minute work is just a small reminder of this, and a gesture of gratitude to the heroes! Making videos today is completely different than before the war.

There are no "movie" weapons or stuntmen in the video. Today we work with real heroes and deal with reality. This is a unique experience for me as a director to record history!" said Lyubomyr Levytskyy.

According to Ihor Liski, respect for the military is crucial for our society and the formation of a new vision of the country. It is the people who defend the country from the aggressor who change our future and form a strong state.

 "I am convinced that it will be difficult for each of us to find the right words. And how can ordinary words ever convey respect, admiration and love? On the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, I urge you to thank everyone who protects our lives. Soldiers deserve our support because they are tirelessly fighting for freedom, love and life," said Ihor Liski, founder of EFI Group

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