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Special operation "Barynya": DIU manages to recruit Russian serviceman

The Russian convinced and voluntarily transferred 11 servicemen to captivity. 

Special operation "Barynya": DIU manages to recruit Russian serviceman
Photo: Ukrinform

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has successfully conducted a special operation that resulted in the recruitment of a Russian career military officer.

Representative of the Defences Intelligence of Ukraine Andriy Yusov reported this at a press conference with the participation of Russian military officer Danil Alfyorov, Ukrinform reports.

"As a result of the special operation "Barynya" Russian Lieutenant Danil Vladimirovich Alfyorov, who has been actively cooperating with the Security and Defence Forces of Ukraine and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine since June 2023, came over to the Ukrainian side. Alfyorov convinced and voluntarily transferred 11 Russian servicemen to captivity in several batches. When there was a threat to Alferov's life, Ukraine carried out a special operation to bring him back to Ukrainian territory," Yusov said.

The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved in the transportation of Alferov to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The soldier said that he contacted the Ukrainian side through the "I Want to Live" project.

"The Ukrainian side offered me to find Russian servicemen who wanted to surrender under the I Want to Live program. During the period of cooperation, I managed to capture three groups of soldiers. After they started to suspect me, I told the curator of the I Want to Live program that I was leaving. Once on the territory of Ukraine, having met the Ukrainian Special Forces, I went through all the procedures provided for Russian military personnel who surrendered," the Russian said.

During his cooperation with the DIU, Alfyorov convinced 11 Russian servicemen to surrender. 

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