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Ukraine's capital reports warmest September on record

Temperatures were typical of late August.

Ukraine's capital reports warmest September on record
Photo: Channel 24

According to the Borys Sreznevskyy Central Geophysical Observatory, the average monthly air temperature in Kyiv in September was +18.8°C, which is 3.9°C higher than the climate norm.

On 30 September, the average daily air temperature in Kyiv was the highest on record for that day and was +19.2°C, which exceeded the previous record of 1942 by 0.8°C and the climatic norm by 7.7°C.

This weather corresponds to the temperature of late August.

The maximum air temperature in the afternoon reached +27.0°C, which is 1.2°C higher than the previous record in 2016.

Twelve temperature records were set in the capital in August, 11 of them between 27 and 30 August.

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