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Zelenskyy: Russia is able to recover, attack other countries by 2028 if war in Ukraine pauses

According to the Ukrainian president, the enemy is now considering various scenarios for the next few years. 

Zelenskyy: Russia is able to recover, attack other countries by 2028 if war in Ukraine pauses
Photo: Office of the President

If the war in Ukraine is paused and frozen, Russia will have time to recover and attack other European countries in five years, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at the inaugural plenary session of the third summit of the European Political Community. He claims that Ukrainian intelligence has obtained such data.

Zelenskyy said he visited Kharkiv Region this Tuesday. Kharkiv is less than a three-minute flight from Russia for an S-300 missile, which the Russians are using to terrorise Kharkiv.

"Thousands and thousands of objects have already been destroyed by such missiles. Houses, schools, universities, churches, power plants, transportation. But Kharkiv, though damaged by this terror, though cut by missiles, continue to live. We are doing everything to protect people and maintain normal social and economic activity," he said.

Most children in Kharkiv study online - until there is 100% effective air defence, children cannot go to school. But the city has found a solution - children study in the subway, underground. The subway is the only safe option to gather children.

"This is what neighbourhood with Russia means," the president said.

Zelenskyy added that Russia considers not only Ukraine to be a target.

"Dear leaders, do you have enough metro stations in your cities where you could organise education for children if the threats become real? And it is preparing to implement them. I will be frank with you, as I always am. Russia is now considering various scenarios for the coming years. One of them is particularly dangerous. If there is any pause in this aggression against Ukraine, any freeze, then there will be a critical moment - 2028. If Russia is allowed to adapt now, then in 2028 the Kremlin will be able to restore the military potential that we have destroyed, and Russia will have enough power to attack the countries that are in the focus of Russian expansion. Ukraine's cry is definitely the Baltic states and definitely those countries where Russian contingents are present. These are clear signals from our intelligence and we are signaling this to you," he said.

Russia is looking for opportunities to freeze the situation. Zelenskyy said that Russia seeks to break European unity, and war is Russia's main tool in this regard. For decades, Russia has been trying to keep the country under its control by fomenting and freezing war. To counter Russia, it must be defeated in the war in Ukraine. 

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