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SBU, Navy attack Russian cruise missile carrier, ship - sources

Today, Ukraine attacked a Russian missile carrier with the help of naval drones, and the day before yesterday - a ship.

SBU, Navy attack Russian cruise missile carrier, ship - sources
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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Navy attacked the Buyan cruise missile carrier and the Pavel Derzhavin ship. The attack was carried out with experimental weapons such as naval drones.

Our sources in the SBU confirmed that it had carried out today's attack on the Buyan missile carrier and the day before yesterday's detonation of the Derzhavin in cooperation with the Ukrainian Navy. Details have not yet been disclosed, but both vessels were hit by the Sea Babies carrying experimental weapons.

"After the first hit, Russian minesweepers and divers failed to detect our know-how. Yesterday, the Alrosa submarine was lucky to escape our developments so far. The Buyan cruise missile carrier failed to repeat Alrosa's 'feat' and was hit by the Sea Babies' experimental weapons on the Sevastopol roads today. The SBU warns the Muscovites not to sail in Ukrainian waters if they want to preserve at least some remnants of your fleet," said one of the organisers of the special operation.

Yesterday, the Navy confirmed that the Russian ship Pavel Derzhavin was hit near Sevastopol. This is a Black Sea Fleet ship, a corvette of the 22160 project. It was launched only in 2019. This is a Black Sea Fleet ship, a corvette of Project 22160. It was launched in 2019. During the full-scale war against Ukraine, the Russians installed a Tor-M2KM anti-aircraft missile system on the ship.

Pavel Derzhavin
Photo: Open sources
Pavel Derzhavin

The Buyan small missile boat is a carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles.

Sea Baby naval drones have previously successfully attacked the Crimea (Kerch) Bridge and other Russian targets. It is an in-house development of the SBU. The head of the service, Vasyl Malyuk, said that the naval drones that damaged the Crimea Bridge in July 2023 were named Sea Baby, on the initiative of the personnel. They are equipped with an 850 kg warhead.

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