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Slovak carriers block checkpoint on border with Ukraine

Polish carriers joined them.

Slovak carriers block checkpoint on border with Ukraine
Photo: Х/Rafał Mekler

The Union of Road Carriers of Slovakia (UNAS) has blocked the Vysne Nemecke checkpoint on the Slovak side, Teraz reports.

The protest lasted for an hour. In this way, the Slovaks expressed support for Polish carriers who are also protesting. By the way, the Poles also joined the event.

"We will close it for an hour as a warning. Our goal is to support our Polish colleagues, as well as all carriers within the EU. We will ask the European Commission to immediately introduce transport permits for Ukrainian hauliers because European companies cannot compete with them," said Stanislav Skala, President of UNAS.

Slovak road hauliers threaten that if Brussels does not resolve the situation, they will completely block the border with Ukraine.

Yesterday, it became known that UNAS appealed to the Ministry of Transport of Slovakia over the problem with Ukrainian carriers and threatened the border blockade.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland and the European Commission's Directorate for Transport and Mobility, held talks yesterday to unblock the checkpoints.

The meeting took place at the Dorohusk checkpoint. The parties developed joint solutions, but Polish protesters rejected them.

It has now become known that the European Commission may initiate a punitive procedure against Poland if the Polish authorities do not resolve the blockade at the checkpoints with Ukraine.

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