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Zelenskyy addresses Ukrainians on Holodomor Remembrance Day

In the early hours of 25 November, Russia carried out a massive drone attack on Ukraine.

Zelenskyy addresses Ukrainians on Holodomor Remembrance Day
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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy recorded a video message to Ukrainians on the anniversary of Holodomor Remembrance Day. The head of state noted that the Russian leadership is proud of the fact that it can kill.

"They tried to exterminate us, to subjugate us, to torture us. They failed. They wanted to conceal the truth from us and hush up the terrible crimes forever. They failed. They wanted to confuse us, to mislead us, to make us not believe, to doubt, to forget, and therefore to forgive. They failed. And today, with utmost sorrow and respect, we honor the memory of millions of our people.

A tragedy that today makes us cry and remain silent, so quietly that the whole world must hear it. This is the sound of Ukrainian pain.

We thank all the states that have chosen justice and recognized it. Recognized it officially. Recognized the Holodomor as a crime against people, against history, against Ukraine. A deliberate crime," he said.

He urged the world to join efforts and stop the crimes being committed today.

"Evil was not stopped. Was not atoned for. And now we are stopping it. Ukraine will prevail. Ukraine will not fade away. Ukraine will preserve itself and the truth. And justice," Zelenskyy said.

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