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IAEA reports hearing explosions near Khmelnytskyy NPP

They happened in the early hours of 29 November.

IAEA reports hearing explosions near Khmelnytskyy NPP

An IAEA team monitoring the situation at the Khmelnitskyy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) reported hearing several explosions in close proximity, over a 20-minute period late last night while in their quarters, according to the IAEA report.

"Even though the plant was not directly affected, the incident showed that all of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants remain at risk as long as the war continues, Director General Grossi said," the report reads.

"Much of the world's attention – and rightly so – is focused on the very real dangers facing the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, which is of special concern as it is located on the frontline. But last night's event serves as a reminder that we must not forget about the other nuclear sites in Ukraine, which are also potentially exposed to missile and other attacks," Director General Grossi said.

"All of Ukraine's nuclear facilities remain vulnerable, either directly if hit by a missile or indirectly if their off-site power supplies are disrupted. There continues to be a highly precarious nuclear safety and security situation across Ukraine," he added.

Ukrainian and Western intelligence agencies have warned of Russia's intention to deliberately attack energy facilities this winter to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heating.

Khmelnytskyy Region has been repelling enemy air attacks for several nights in a row. Today, fragments of downed weapons fell on the territory of a former factory, and yesterday - on an agricultural enterprise. Before that, people's homes were damaged.

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