MainNews - team says was followed by about 30 people

Unknown people rented the same rooms where the editorial office's corporate party was planned. After the event, they rented the same rooms again, possibly to remove the cameras. team says was followed by about 30 people
Photo: Screengrab journalists said they found out that their team was being followed by about 30 people.

Employees of the suburban hotel, where part of the editorial staff had a corporate party and where they were secretly filmed in their rooms, said that a week before the event, a man had booked the very same rooms where journalists and other employees were to stay.

The booking was for 26 December, the day before the planned corporate event.

"On 26 December, the hotel staff witnessed the strangest corporate event: 30 people fell silent every time employees entered the restaurant. Probably, the same people installed cameras in our team's hotel rooms and in the sauna. For example, employees recalled that they saw something similar to a fire alarm system in their rooms," the journalists said.

According to them, these "alarms" were no longer present on 18 January, when the journalists arrived at the hotel.

"When we checked in, most of the 'technical team' had left. And when we checked out the next day, a strange man called the complex and booked ALL the rooms where the team was staying AGAIN. After that, only a few people arrived and took the keys to ALL the rooms. Probably to take the cameras," the editorial team suggested.

On 16 December, a trash website published excerpts of wiretapped conversations from

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