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Almost all municipal equipment in Novomoskovsk destroyed by Russian attack

Russian drones hit a company engaged in the improvement of the city. 

Almost all municipal equipment in Novomoskovsk destroyed by Russian attack
Consequences of the Novomoskovsk shelling, 7 Feb 2024
Photo: Telegram/Serhiy Lysak

In Dnipropetrovsk Region, the territory of a utility company has been destroyed by falling debris and UAVs. Buildings and cars were damaged. This was reported by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, Serhiy Lysak.

"At night, the enemy sent several drones to Novomoskovsk District. Two Shaheds were shot down by the Air Command East. Due to the debris and the hit of the remaining UAVs, there is destruction on the territory of the utility company. Buildings and cars were damaged," said Lysak.

He added that the falling debris caused a fire, which rescuers quickly extinguished.

In addition, Nikopol District suffered from Russian shelling.

"Russians shelled Nikopol District with artillery. They hit the district centre and Marhanets community," added the head of the military administration. There were no casualties. 

As of 11.15 am, Lysak said that almost all municipal equipment, including tractors, excavators, multifunctional machines, and a dump truck, was destroyed in the night attack in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk Region.

"Enemy drones hit a company that is engaged in the improvement of the city. It takes care of the comfort. Now there is practically no equipment to clean the streets or clear the snow," wrote Lysak.

Novomoskovsk is the administrative centre of Novomoskovsk District in Dnipropetrovsk Region and has more than 70,000 residents. 

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