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Russians attempt offensive in Zaporizhzhya Region

The attempted was foiled.

Russians attempt offensive in Zaporizhzhya Region
Photo: OC West

The Russian army tried to break through the Ukrainian defences in the Zaporizhzhya sector. As a result of the unsuccessful offensive, 18 pieces of enemy equipment and about 70 Russians were destroyed, and another 80 were wounded, Ukraine's Operational Command West has reported.

"The defence forces in the Zaporizhzhya sector crushed yesterday's Russian offensive. Eighteen pieces of equipment (including three tanks) were destroyed, about 70 Russian soldiers were sent to Kobzon's concert, and 80 are booking tickets. After the offensive, the Russians retreated to their previous positions," the press centre said.

It is known that the Russians used 30 pieces of equipment and a fairly large number of personnel for the offensive.

According to the General Staff, the Russians unsuccessfully attempted to attack the positions of Ukrainian troops west of Verbove and Robotyne in Zaporizhzhya Region 13 times.

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