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Zelenskyy: Russia prepares offensive for late May, early summer

March and April will be difficult for Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: Russia prepares offensive for late May, early summer
Photo: Max Trebukhov

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a press conference that March and April would be difficult for Ukraine, and also said that Russia was preparing an offensive for late May or early summer.

When asked what will happen to Ukraine in a year's time if the current dynamics of the war continue and the supply of weapons and ammunition is insufficient, Zelenskyy replied: "It will be difficult for us in the coming months. Because there are fluctuations in the USA that have an impact on some states. Although the EU has shown its ability to be a leader with its support. It will be difficult for us in March-April. We will be going through a period of different waves: political, financial, and various pressures. Russia will be preparing a counteroffensive in early summer or late May, if they can. They will be preparing. We will be preparing for the battle. I believe that their battle, which began on 8 October, did not bring any result. For our part, we will prepare our plan," Zelenskyy said.

He also noted that the US elections would be a turning point, and after that it would be clear what would happen next.

Zelenskyy added that what the end of this year might look like will depend on many things. The president suggested that if Ukraine received 10 Patriot systems and deployed them near the frontline, the Russians would retreat.

"If we could use these systems closer to the front line, the Russians would not approach us. They would retreat. We would break their defence lines and move forward. Ten Patriots would have changed the situation dramatically. This does not mean that Patriot systems solve everything. I gave you one example. There would have been two or three of these weapons, and their defence would have been over. Just the end. And then we would be able to answer the question: 'Why doesn't Ukraine have them?' Well. It means that not everyone is interested."

At today's press conference, Zelenskyy also said that the Kremlin had a plan for Ukraine's spring counteroffensive on the table even before the counteroffensive began.

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