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Russia deploys tank battalion to occupied Crimea - ATESH

The tank battalion was deployed to strengthen the Crimean occupying group.

Russia deploys tank battalion to occupied Crimea - ATESH
Photo: ATESH

Russia is preparing for defence in occupied Crimea and has deployed an entire tank battalion to Yevpatoriya, according to the ATESH guerrilla movement.

Recently, there has been an interesting trend in the accumulation of armoured vehicles in Crimea.

"Russians are preparing to defend Crimea. Thus, according to our information, about 31 tanks have recently arrived in Yevpatoriya, which tells us that an entire tank battalion is being deployed," the group said.

An ATESH agent was able to get in touch with one of the officers of the Russian unit. The conversation revealed that a tank battalion had been redeployed to the territory of Crimea as part of the strengthening of the Crimean group.

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