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Energy facility in Odesa Region catches fire from falling Shahed debris

Eight Russian-launched drones were destroyed in Odesa Region last night.

Energy facility in Odesa Region catches fire from falling Shahed debris
Mobile air defence crews in Kyiv Region
Photo: Max Trebukhov

On the night of 31 March, Russian troops attacked southern Ukraine with Shahed drones and missiles. In Odesa Region, air defence forces shot down eight enemy drones, and a fire broke out at a power plant due to the falling drone debris, the Defence Forces of the South said.

"Last night, Russian terrorist forces once again sent several waves of Shahed-131/136 strike UAVs to the southern regions. The enemy again targeted the energy infrastructure of Odesa Region and agricultural facilities in Kherson Region," they said.

The air defence forces hunted the enemy drones for two hours. All eight drones were shot down as a result of the air defence effort.

"The falling wreckage of the downed drone caused a fire at one of the region's power facilities, which resulted in a blackout in several settlements. The fire has been extinguished. No people were injured. Restoration work is underway," the Defence Forces said.

During the drone attack in Kherson Region, the Russians used ballistics and a guided missile. They hit a mothballed agricultural enterprise. No one was injured.

The Ukrainian military destroyed nine out of 11 Shaheds and nine out of 14 cruise missiles on the night of 31 March. Russia attacked western Ukraine with missiles at night.

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