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Loss of Tripillya TPP to result in less capacity to cover peak hours

However, the most difficult situation is in the Kyiv Region.

The loss of Trypillia TPP, which was destroyed by a Russian strike last night, is expected to have a negative impact on the country's energy balance. During peak hours, there will now be less domestic power to cover consumption, Ekonomichna Pravda reports, citing the press service of NPC Ukrenergo.

At the same time, despite this blow to thermal power plants, the situation in Kharkiv and the region is the most difficult. Critical infrastructure there is without power.

"Power facilities in the region have been hit again, and we are now trying to supply power to critical infrastructure and provide more power to the city and the region," the statement said.

Ukrenergo added that the Russians are trying to cut Kharkiv off from the power grid. They cannot give any forecasts on the resumption of power supply - it all depends on the next attacks.

The company added that now, thanks to the operation of solar power plants, there is a surplus of electricity in the system, and there is even a small export. However, in the evening, during peak consumption hours, from 19 to 22 hours, there may be a shortage.

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