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Blinken: US "neither encourages nor facilitates Ukraine's strikes on Russia"

The United States is committed to Ukraine's cause and to ensuring its victory in the war, which is why it continues to help it. The United States "neither encourages nor facilitates Ukraine's strikes against Russia". 

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said this at a briefing in Kyiv on the second day of his visit. At the same time, he added that Ukraine decides how to fight.

"Because this is a defensive war. It is defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom. That is why we are providing the weapons that are needed to win," he said.

Blinken added that solutions are currently being sought to supply Ukraine with additional air defence systems.

Regarding possible negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Blinken said that only Kyiv can make the decision.

"I think if Putin shows any interest in seriously engaging in negotiations, Ukraine will respond appropriately. But every day Putin demonstrates completely different intentions," he said.

  • Earlier, US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin spoke out against Ukraine's strikes on the refinery on Russian territory. 
  • Commenting on this, Kuleba said that he did not see a causal link in US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin's statement that Ukrainian strikes on oil refineries increase oil prices. "When an oil refinery explodes in Russia, we see problems on the Russian energy market. But I don't see any problems on the global level," he said. The minister added that while petrol prices are rising somewhere else because of these strikes, the list of civilian casualties is growing due to the lack of Patriot batteries. 
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