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Air strikes reported in Crimea for third night in row

Russian authorities traditionally report that "everything was shot down", while pro-Ukrainian Crimeans confirm power outages. 

Air strikes reported in Crimea for third night in row
“Sevastopol is Ukrainian. UAF are coming”
Photo: social media

Russian facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea have been subjected to air attacks for the third night in a row. The pro-Ukrainian Telegram channel Crimean Wind reported explosions near Sevastopol and Balaklava.

The self-proclaimed governor of the region, Mikhail Razvozhayev, traditionally said that "the attack was repelled" and that there was no "damage to the infrastructure". However, locals confirm that power has been cut off in Balaklava and parts of Sevastopol.

This time, instead of missiles, attack drones were used to attack the occupiers.

According to updated data as of the morning, a substation was attacked. It had to be shut down. Classes were cancelled in schools in the city, and there are power cuts. 

Russian air defence activity was also reported in Novorossiysk, which became a new base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully destroyed a number of ships. 

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