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​Seven power engineers wounded in night attack

One of them is in a serious condition. 

​Seven power engineers wounded in night attack
Repairing damaged equipment
Photo: EPA/UPG

Seven power engineers at two facilities were injured in a nighttime Russian attack. They were hospitalised with varying degrees of injuries.

One is in serious condition, Ukrenergo said. In total, this was the seventh massive attack on Ukrainian power facilities since 22 March. 

"Ukrainian power plants were again the main target. Equipment at power facilities in Vinnytsya, Dnipro and Donetsk Regions was damaged. There are damages to the networks of regional power companies in Kyiv Region," the company said.

Where the situation allows, the company has already started repair work. 

In the morning, DTEK reported that three power engineers were injured at a thermal power plant attacked by the occupiers. 

Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy sector

Since the end of winter, Russia has resumed massive attacks on Ukraine's energy sector. As a result of the attacks, Ukraine lost more than 9 gigawatts of capacity (for comparison, in 2022, there was a loss of 3 gigawatts, which already led to blackouts). On 14 May, power cuts had to be reintroduced for households, and businesses started to shut down even earlier.

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