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Yatsenyuk: change of one person not to improve life in Ukraine

The Prime Minister has called on the parties to stop the fight for the power and help him with the reforms.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has fully devoted his weekly speech on TV to the political crisis in Ukraine. During his address to people, Yatsenyuk stated that his government worked as technocratic and early elections were necessary only for three powers: populists, oligarchs and the Kremlin.

He noted that he did not give empty promises and was ready to repeat the same as two years ago when he was appointed Prime Minister for the first time: reforms cannot be easy.

He also compared his position with the steersman of the ship. "Looking after the general saving I was not fighting for your sympathies, dear countrymen. I was fighting for the ship handling and its course. The government has never worked under calm conditions. Together with my colleagues we daily fought for every right decision and vitally necessary emergency steps," Yatsenyuk pointed out.

That is why he thinks that the current political crisis has emerged artificially.

The Prime Minister noted that the change of one person in the government would not improve the life in Ukraine. "Today people are told that everything will suddenly become well if this ar that figure in the government is changed. It is a lie. The problem is not in personalities. Without the unity in the parliament, without the real unity between the President, the government and the parliament, there will not be any breakthrough," Yatsenyuk said.

Therefore, he offers two options of solving the political crisis: revival of the Parliament’s coalition and strengthening of the Cabinet of Ministers or the establishment of the new government with Petro Poroshenko Bloc being fully responsible for it.

At the end of his speech, Yatsenyuk offered the President, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the leaders of the political parties to sign goals and principles of the government and to affirm them at the legislative level afterwards.

As reported before, Yatsenyuk presented the President with the ultimatum. The Prime Minister urged the President to support him or dismiss.

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